§titch my wri§ts heal my wounds

46 §titche§ acro§§ my wri§t§
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*~kAnDi's pRoFiLe~*

~*HOmEtOwN: HiCkViLlE hELl *U*s*A(we like 2:drive on the
wrong side of da road or so im told! ( reppin: cheerleading
as NOT a sport, as Trevor once said: cheerleaders R there 2
look @, and sum of them arent even worth looking @...

MISS YA JEN! =^o.O^= MEOW!!! *~

~*2 MuH BaBy:
A MeMoRy LaStS 4eVa
NeVeR DoEs it DiE
TrUe FrieNdS StAy toGeThA
AnD NeVer SaY GoOdByE

RyAn YoUr 4 EvEr iN mY HeArT, FoReVeR oN My MiNd,
i WiLl aLwYas LoVe YoU

*boyz brake hearts friends help fix them!*

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