Erin Mary
2002-09-15 16:49:32 (UTC)

I feel so yucky!

I've decided I'm goning to run far far away! I can't deal
with certain people and places anymore.When I finally think
I know someone or something, I relaize I never really did.
A lot of people think I live in a fairy tale world but
when is the last time something really good has happened to
me. Where is my prince charming and my royal palace. ~No
where to be found~ I'm sure anyone who is reading this is
thinking Erin doesn't sound like this Erin is always happy!
Well just to let everyone know I'm not ok. I'm allowed to
be angry I just usually hide my anger behind a smile.
I feel sooooo much better now that I was able to get that
out! Thanks for listening!