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2002-09-15 16:23:38 (UTC)

Just a day, just an ordinary day

*Just a day, just an ordinary day. Just trying to get by..*

So I slept till like 11 and then went back to sleep at 12-430. So
there really isnt anything to say. Malyssa came in from her sorority
bbq and shes wasted. Mind you its 530. Haha. Last night Malyssa and
i were so extremely baked it was hysterical.

Tonight agenda, there is a wicked dumb looking movie with *Nsync...
I'll tell you more abou tit later...

Ok, so we watched the movie, it was called Longshot.. haha wtf!
there were so many famous people in it, it was hysterical and
cheesy. Anyways, I rememberd more and more about last night....
Conversations about Gerbals up gay mens ass' umm what else.. Oh i
forgot to tell everyone.. Nick this kid that was on the boyz' floor
last year in McMann, he taught me how to pick door locks.. haha
kinda creepy for all of you that do know me well, cause i will not
hesitate using it. So ya sara and i orderd pizza, haha i think im
gonna puke.

Last night Max called me like 5 times. The first time he invited me
to this huge party at some rich kids house, but ye know, We had no
car so we couldn't go. Uhhhhhhh oh well!I feel so bad i didnt hang
out with him, i totally avoid him for no reason at time. Its like I
need to stop being wicked gay! The last time he called, i was on the
other line with Dan, and i told him, well promised him I'd call
back, but i passed out so i didnt! I'm so sorry Max! I was supposed
to go home tonight, but this is my home, and so i stay.

So I am noticing that alot of people are reading my entries, and
thats pretty awesome, I am glad people want to hear about our crazy
nights. Uconn is quite the experience. We already got invited to a
party next Friday at some apartment, I am sure I'll have a great
story to tell you about that, don't you fret. But as far as tonight
goes. I am basically gonna chat online and do a shit load of work
i've been procrastinating.

"I have accepted fear as a part of life - specifically the fear of
change . . . I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart
that says: turn back.?" Everyone whose been reading knows I hate
change, but lately I've been ok with it. We are doing so many cool
things up here, that i dont really think much about what i've lost.
Well not as much as i did before. I sometimes want to turn back, but
then i just realize, there is no turning back. I have to do what i
have to do! So until next time, remember, Fear is a part of life,
and change for me, has always included fear, one thing to remember,
change is natural. So don't sweat it, but instead run with it!