life is just a poker game
2001-07-24 01:28:07 (UTC)

Monday Monday..

Wow, I've been so good about writing in this journal. I'm
impressed with myself. The good news is - I got results
today before lab meeting! Woohoo! The bad news is - I
didn't go to the gym. Bah. There's always
tomorrow...tomorrow...I love's only a
day away.

Ok, enough of that. Thanks for the comments so far. It's
helpful to know that people are reading a weird

Patti emailed me today...wanting to know where I've been
and what I've been up to. Invited me to go to Shreveport
for a 7s rugby tournament...even though I don't play 7s.
That made me feel good. She said, and I quote "It will be
effortless - I'll even pour the beer down your throat".
Hah. *grin* I haven't been going to practice because it's
so damn hot and humid outside, and all they do is run, and
I hate to run. Everybody on the team is cool, though. I
should go this weekend, but I don't know if I'll have the

I hate being poor, white, and angry. Life is so weird right
now. I live in the city, and see all kinds of people
wasting money on shit that doesn't matter while people ON
OUR OWN STREETS are starving. I help them out when I can -
a sandwich here, a couple bucks there...but I'm just making
it as it is. Granted, I'm "making it" better than a few
years ago when I only had a couch that I got from the
corner after Uni graduation and a mattress I stole from a
dorm room...I now have a mattress I bought, a loveseat a
friend gave me, and a couch I bought from the thrift store.
People don't think for themselves. They are told what to
think by what's on tv or in the latest magazine...and they
take it as the truth. Truth isn't what you hear's what you think.