fragments of thought
2001-07-24 01:23:19 (UTC)

Sunday was...

Our 1st yr wedding anniversary! wow seems like it hasnt
been that long.

We didnt do anything yet.. because he gets paid on thursday
so we had to wait. And he says he has it all planned and
for me not to worry what it is.
thats not so bad.. but i am not sure what it will be.

His parents are coming from spain.. well they are in Sweden
now,, in the south part. They will stop by tomorrow on
their way home.

Stockholm this summer has been boring.. but it was better
when Christy was here, she and I had lots of fun playing
computer games and talking to ppl online. We walked around
a bit and looked at clothes. I hate the clothes here
because they are all slutty and i am not allowed to dress
that way.. not that i want to.. but there isnt much of a
choice other wise.

Man!!!! I MISS USA!!!!!