My Life Is A Damn Worm-Hole
2001-07-24 00:14:54 (UTC)


Well it's been a while and ive been fine up until tonight.
Shit why does this have to happen now. Let me explain my
totally best friend in the world who also happens to be my
brother is going away AGAIN This is just agony for me. I
was bad last time he went but how I feel now just takes the

I know I probably sound really selfish but I have never
spent this amount of time away from him this really SUCKS.
As you can see it's around ten past one in the morning and
im usually sound asleep by now. But not tonight im blurry
eyed and feeling fucking damn sorry for myself. Jay
doesn't like seeing me upset well he's sleeping like a baby
and I feel like shit. Maybe this isn't the best time to be
writing how I feel seeing as the only word I want to use
right now is SHIT. Im gonna go see if I can force myself
to sleep catch up tomorrow.