Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-09-15 08:09:52 (UTC)

Poem - "All I Have to Give"

I’ve risen to fame in a nameless world
Inhabited only by one,
Unknown to others I’ve silently ruled
The land of the setting sun.
I’ve chased ideas that have no name
Across the barren land,
I’ve died a thousand times alone
In the scorching desert sand.
I’ve written words that none will read
And songs that none will hear,
I’ve haunted the bleak and endless night
Where not a soul comes near.
You came to me when others feared
That I might never return,
You spoke to me in a voice so sweet
That others never will learn.
You dared to break the doorway down
Where no one else could come,
Though far away, you still outran
What I was running from.
I’ve got nothing to give, no magic to make,
I’m nobody’s bargain or prize,
I can’t walk on water or change the tides
Or bring sight to a pair of blind eyes.
I sit here alone under neon signs
Printed on the decadent night,
Despite all the faces I’m completely alone
And wishing I was close to your light.
The people around me wander about
Like corpses painted blue,
My rambling thoughts drift to and fro
But they always come back to you.
Past romances and untaken chances
No longer mean a thing to me,
My love is all I have to give,
But yours it will always be.