Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-09-15 08:08:38 (UTC)

Poem - "The Seeds You've Sown"

The crimes of the times draw boundless lines
Across what once was free,
Free to choose, to win or lose
And always clear to see.
The pressure grows, the weakness shows
Yet still the game is played,
The hand-me-down white wedding gown
Is now so torn and frayed.
Many times through many rhymes
This question comes around,
I’ve sought my muse and searched for clues,
But not one have I found.
Why pretend you’ve reached the end
When you have yet to start,
You’ve traded your jaded sense of self
For a gem in the shape of a heart.
Don’t be fooled by what judges ruled
Should be your cross to bear,
Don’t fret if at first you fail to find
What can’t be pulled from the air.
With all the time it takes to tell
What moves you made were wrong,
The hard way isn’t the way to find out
That forever is far too long.
Too long to build your dreams on a choice
That once you called your own,
Too long to shed the morbid dread
Of dying unloved and alone.
Your roots will sink down deep in the ground,
The vines will become overgrown,
You’ll realize too late it shall be your fate
To die by the seeds that you’ve sown.