hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-15 07:59:53 (UTC)


hi hi hi... i am sitting in front of the comp bein bored...
it is 3:50 rite now and sammi ulissed and allison jefferey
(ally) r in my kitchen eatin sum cake! i dnt like cake
tho... dern... poor me i must b missin out, huh?

well.. yea... this is not a very popular time to b online
rite now... heh, everyone is either not on line or has an
awy msg up tellin evry body that they r asleepiez... u kno
how they do that... grrz.

i think that me and steven are still goin 2 homecoming...
hehe that makes me happy :) hehe, i'm such a ditzi dumbi...
sammi dusnt think my mommi likez her... but she need not 2

my mommi duz not like n e body that i kno. i think that she
hatez me... :- lol.... well, yea u get the point. i really
want my dad 2 get back... gwosh i am tired!!!!

3:54 and i am typing in my journal.... how lively is that??
not. i want to go to the library at twelve tomorrow with
ally so we can do our homework, u kno? but my motherz bein
a bytch and she wantz 2 drag me 2 church, i think i'm gunna
try 2 make her sleep in l8 so we'll have no time 2 go.....

i'm sorry, i do believe in god but i just dont like to go
to church... why sit there and listen to some old guy
preach about how... god loves us all.. he is everywhere, he
is good... yada yada i think we have figured that out
alreayd, dont ya think???

i mean.. really, maybe if i liked who i was with at church
that'd be cool like.. if i could bring a friend with me it
would be a lot funner but seeing that i dont have that many
friends, that is not possible. and most the friends i have
aren't even christian... i dont think i am either... i dont
kno wat i am... i guess i'm just an outcast.

no aint that remarkable?? heh... well n e ways... so i cnt
go to the library till about 2 and my mother sez she wants
me back home by five but she will probably forget anyway
like she forgets my name and my birthday... gosh i hate

:- i kno it isn't good to hate ur own mother.... but i
do.. and i will not deny it.. she is a bytch and she hates
me so i hate her... well.. i'm gunna go eat and sleep.. its
3:58 wowzerzzzz