Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-09-15 07:12:37 (UTC)

Another Simile

Okay, this is like my Tetris similie, but not....
acctually, the only way they are alike is that they are
both odd similies from me... but anyways, okay, at Denny's
last night, me and a couple of people were talking about
relationships and how we want to find someone and not have
to worry about anything else, and I started thinking about
Matt, and how I love him, beyond all believe ability, with
all my heart, I love him, and how I could have never
imagined us getting together at all, I mean, he was my best
friend, the one I told everything to, and thought was the
greatest guy in the world, if not person, and I still think
that way. I feel now though that we were ment for
eachother, or at least I was ment for him. Kinda like those
three dimentional octagonal toys when we were kids that
taught us our shapes, or at least supposed to. Ya know, the
ones where you stuck the cut out shapes into there holes,
well anyway... I remember when I was youunger, you would
never have dreamed of try to even think of sticking any
shape in its unorthodoxed place, and then one day, I stuck
the circle in the square cut out hole... ohh my god... it
went in, it fit, and it only fit in that cut out, none of
the other ones could be interchanced. Maybe thats matt and
I. could I be the circle that fits with the square? will we
be together like that? Is it some twist of fate that we
just happen to fit together in an odd demented way? i hope
so... because I like this fate....