True confessions of the curly headed gir
2002-09-15 05:04:05 (UTC)


He who makes my heart thump
He who makes my palms sweat
He who makes me smile
because I'm in love.
He who makes me cry
He who makes me see the truth
He who makes me laugh
even though we can never be.

Jeff, he's been going out with a girl since my birthday.
How sad for me is that. Their year (if they make it that
long) will be on my day of birth. We are close, we laugh
and talk and joke. Oh how it pains my heart to not be able
to have him. Tears fill my eyes when I talk to him
online. That's the only time I can cry when I talk to
him. If I did that in person, he'd probably cut the
friendship. I guess I'm still in fear of that because of
the whole Shawn incident. What do I do? tell him, or just

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