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2001-07-23 22:42:31 (UTC)

After the run

Well after my run today, I got back on. i was hoping he'd
be on. That's probably why I ran toward Redondo and not my
usual run way (which is toward Blaizes and Manhattan Beach
Blvd.)anyway i kept replaying what happened on Sunday night
with him. That night I couldn't sleep, my tummy hurt so
bad. everything bugged me. then he was on. and we got to
talking and we worked out my issues. it was me. i explained
how he hurt me. etc. and why i didnt want to go there yet.
but now i'm ready to. cuz i know his intentions r good.
we've become closer which is good.he really is the guy i'm
looking for. so i'm so happy! and i can't wait till i see
him next!