Creatures of the Wood
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2002-09-15 04:16:52 (UTC)

September 14, 2002

If ever a sad book was written, it's THE LOVELY BONES by
Alice Seabold. Excellant writing, an inventive and moving
story, but boy, I did not feel like crying today. :-)
Which is why I didn't finish the book last night. I just
didn't feel like crying, so I waited and finished the novel
today. Of course, I close the book and started sobbing.
That seems to be the way with stories that closely mirror
real lives. The stories that examine all that is beautiful
and painful on this earth.
I remember when I read THE MISTS OF AVALON; it was a
fantastic book which I adore, but when I finished it, I felt
as though I had run a marathon. I was literally exhausted
from the experience of that book which made me wonder, what
must Marion Zimmer Bradley (the author) have felt when she
completed the 800 page novel.
I'm a writer, yet I can't imagine having the stamina and the
heart to complete a novel. I love books. I love words. I
understand them much better than I do people, yet I can't
imagine completing a novel. Hehe. I've made a great career
choice haven't I? You ask most writer's why they write and
they'll tell you, "Because I can't (imagine) do(ing)
anything else."
I can't conceive of an existance without writing, anymore
than I could imagine a life in which I stopped breathing,
but sometimes, it's so hard. Most writers will tell
beginners, don't let your story/novel become your life.
Don't let it become so real that it devestates you. I guess
that's something I've yet f