can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-09-15 04:06:01 (UTC)


melyndas b'day part is tomorrow...she's turning 18. i
really want to go, cuz i haven't seen her in almost a year,
plus some other friends i don't really get to see, like
shelley, will prolly be there. its in wareham which is like
an hour away, and so my mom and dad don't really want us
driving there. but *they* don't want to drive us. i
mentioned it to my mom tonight when i got home from
babysitting and she basicly said that they don't want us to
go, but they can't stop us. then she's all "make the right
decision" or whatever. obviously she wants us to not go.
but why? cuz shes so fucking nervous about us driving?
yipdee shit, sorry mom, get the hell over it. but,
unfortuantley, i have a wicked over-active guilt gene that
means i'll feel really bad about going. grrness. i guess it
all depends on nikki. if she'll go then i will, because i
definitley don't want to drive there by myself. but i have
a bad feeling she won't want to go. decisions decisions.
another bitch about mom: she doesn't want us to go away for
college. she wants me to stay in this fucking house in the
fucking town that i can't fucking stand. (yeah, my language
is crass. get over it) no, its not that you're such a bad
parent, but i want to be able to be on my own. is that such
a bad thing?? i want to be able to be responsible for
myself, and to escape you looking over my shoulder. i love
my parents to death, and they actually give us a pretty
good amount of freedom. as long as they know where we are
and who we're w/ then its all good. but why can't they
understand that if i want to go out until 3am, i don't need
someone waiting up for me. what if i just feel the need to
go and get trashed w/ some girlfriends? i don't want to
have to come home to them.
besides, the thought of returning to avon every night makes
me ill. i want to go to college and get the fuck out of
here. i don't need daily reminders of how much this town
blows, thank you very much.

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