shorty's life
2001-07-23 22:19:52 (UTC)

my summer so far

well so far i guess i have had a ok summer. i hve been
hanging wih my firends, i got my permit, and i got a tan. but
there are some problems. my best friend jack, she went to
elsalvador. i hav not yet had a chance to call her. i cant wait
till she comes home. i found a dog. heis like one year old. i
named him boo bear. he looks just like a bear. i have been to
a couple movies. we saw th fast and the furious. that movie
was tight. there was this guyin it van diesel. he looked so hot.
then ther was a guy in my drivers ed class who looked just
like him but younger and his name was cory. i got his
number. i dont know exactly when or if i shold call him. then
here come the worst, well not worst. i lost my virginity. not to
anyone though. but he was not my b/f either. he was a really
good friend. i think we still are.