Oh,The Insanity
2002-09-15 03:12:57 (UTC)

Just another weekend...

i visited my dad this weekend and it wasn't that bad. I
mean, it usually isn't, but...i dunno. Anyways, life has
continued and I feel it is time to "move on". There is
nothing in Canandaigua for me...so I am in the process of
moving. Starting a new life for myself, and keeping the
people who want that for me. Oh, Chrissy, I forgot to
write ur cell# down...so email it to me, pleasE?
love you all
ps- adam, if u read this, I'm still gonna beat u up for the
crap u pulled in the Realms...yeah, u know what I'm talkin
about, it's all about the buttkicking and the kilts...or
kicking a kilt wearin butt...or soemthing similar. Love u ;-
) and peace love and charbroiled marshmallows

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