Wally's Wackin' Shack
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2002-09-15 02:55:46 (UTC)

Yesterday was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today wasn't so Great :-(

My Frat's Bid Day Party was yesterday. I got a BID :D I get
inducted as an "Associate Member" Tomorrow, Sunday. I LOVE
my Frat......It's done WONDERS for my social life. I
arrived at the party at about 9:30. As soon as I came in,
someone already had a beer for me (I'm not a fan of beer,
it's nasty, and makes me gag, I'm a BIG fan of Liquor) They
had this rule, where a Pledge (that's what I am now) can't
go empty handed for more than a minute. I left at about
2:30, so..........ummmmm.......that's about 5 hours of
Drinking.......I WAS WASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The drinking
was volentary, I could have refused, but peer pressure is a
bitch.....It's ok though, cuz I wanted to get fucked
up :D. I woke up drunk this morning, I hobbled my way over
to the University Center, and got some breakfast. I came
back, lounged around for a while, and got dressed. I was
ready to go and meet my suga plum at about 4:45........I
waited until 9:30. Now feeling, alone and depressed, I
opened my E-mail and found a letter from him explaining
that he had a shit day and lots of REALLY bad stuff
happend, he also appologized for not calling. I was waiting for this
day all week, it's what pretty much got me through it. I forgive ya
hun, but I'm still pretty depressed, so if I'm not online,
and you read this it's cuz I'm prolly balled up on my bed
crying. Maybe the day will get better, well, it's night
now, and getting late, I don't know if I'm gonna tag along
with other people going down to the Quarter, I might, who
knows. Ok, I'm gonna go and hide in my corner, buh-bye
People :'(...............