mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-09-15 02:53:57 (UTC)

Workin O.T.

ok, i got another 4 hrs left , i am puttin in 4 hrs ot
every sat night, cause lisa and i need the $$.
I will get out at 3 am, get home round 4:15 am, get to bed
bout 4:35 am ,and get back up round 8 am. sounds like fun
huh ?? lol.... lisa & i both are not feelin that great
tonight, I will see if i make it until 3 am, she already
was sick to stomach, and I am not much better...
I hate this schedule, but for now it cant be avoided
without lottery win...
that is latest update.
stay tuned for more updates as action happens....