2001-07-23 21:14:56 (UTC)

Done With It

I have lost all feelings; my heart has been the welcome mat
to your cruel intentions for far too long. It's been
stepped on too much and is wearing thin. I didn't mean to
hand it out to you, the way I've done, but you were the
wolf in disguise and you pulled the wool over my eyes, and
there's been too many times that I've cried, but now I'm
just breaking down.

Can you hear my sanity snap, cause it's in the palm of your
hands, this time you've just pushed me way too far. I'm off
the edge and I'm falling, can you hear my cries as I hit
rock bottom?

Lost inside this hell you've created for me, this hell I
stayed in just for you. We all have paths, but I was lead
astray in this place that you've built for me.
Your hurtful words are all that echo in my head,
remembering the punch of them hitting me as hard as they
have. It's time to turn things around because I'll be
damned if I let you keep me down.

So I push and fight as much as I can to make you see what
you've made me to be. You looked to me for the answers only
you could have. I'm sorry if you think I didn't help you.
I've suffered for you, I've taken the pain away, you've
passed it on to me, but I have to give it back to you.
I'm going to leave you standing alone. I was stuck, my feet
wouldnt move, but now Im running at full speed and I will
never look back to see if you're behind me. Your shit, is
something I won't put up with anymore.

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