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life of a porn star
2001-07-23 21:14:41 (UTC)

a day with pms

today is monday. i woke up at 7:15 and went to school. i
could not stay awake in chemisty so i slept the entire
class. no one seemed to mind. then i woke up in math and
the two hours really dragged. after i walked out of kenmore
west i saw that my grandma was parked in front of the
school. i got in her car and she started asking me about my
job search. i told her that i haad not even tried to get a
job yet becaus ei dont need money for anything bc i just
stay home all of the time. so i get home and my dad calls
to let me know thati have to get a job today. so i guess my
grandma called him to tell him that i dont want to get
another job right away. you see my dad loves when i want to
make a desision so he can jump in and take controll. so he
is telling me where i am going to apply and when i am going
to do this. thank you for your help dad. - not to mention
grandma. so i am justr as happy as a clam today bc i am
being forced into something that is going to ruin my plans.
i have so many thngs planned for every weekend in august,
and so help me god if i miss out on ne thing fun. all i
wanted to do this summer was have fun. i had such a bad
year and i am finnaly starting to get better. also today i
think i am pmsing. i feel extremly irritable and psycotic
and teary. gotta love it!!!