No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-09-15 00:41:46 (UTC)

crime scene

Someone was murdered today right around the corner from
where I live. This happend around 4 or 5 tonight. The weird
thing is that I live in a deed restricted community. I live
in a sub divison is a housing development, Imperial Lakes.
Well, my are is deed restriced and the others aren't. Most
robberies etc. are in my sub divison. And I've been having
dreams where I die and dreams where I am stuck in a room
and dreams were blood is smeared on my bedroom window and
someone is standing outside it. What is even worse is I
don't have alarms on my window and I have a kitten in my
room. My mom has a dog in her room, and my sisters have
alarms on their windows and a dog in their room. My room is
in the back and there is a privacy fence...but it means
nothing. I drove by this house where the person was killed.
There were police everywhere and they were in the back
yard, where the privacy fence is. Scary...huh? I don't know
exactly what happened though. Right around the corner...and
I hang outside till like 1 in the morning sometimes in the
middle of the street, of course there is a guy with me, but
still. And another weird thing...I could feel that
something was wrong then we drove by. I wonder if my dreams
mean I'm next? I hope not.