The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-09-14 23:54:03 (UTC)

How I wish it would stop!

I may take a little hiatus from writing in here, unless
something of note takes place. I mean, I can't really
justify making essentially the four same points over and
over again in these pages.


1.) I don't really like being back in Louisville, and get
awfully grumbly about it sometimes, but since I'm here for
more or less the near future, I'll have to make the best.

2.) The 00's are doing very well; we're slowly accumulating
a very tight and very well-written set. It's about the only
exciting thing going on right now. Natch, the ONLY exciting

3.) Mine and Jessy's continuing relationship exists
somewhat halfheartedly (and admittedly, somewhat
uncomfortably) in a rather vaguely-defined space
between "close long-distance phone and email friend"
and "long-distance lover." I can't figure out which one it
is, which one it feels like, which one it should be, or
indeed, even which one I want it to be. We talk two or
three times a week at this juncture. But I truly feel as if
something is missing, and I'll bet I know what it is...


4.) I spend a lot of time in the studio painting, to mostly
positive if not brilliant results.

So, listen: if something in my life happens that falls
outside the realm of these four things (ie, blowout with
Jessy, a painting masterpiece, an exciting new friend, a
terrorist attack, etc.) I shall do my best to inform you of
them. If not, assume that the aforementioned points are
still in effect.

So buckle down for a hiatus. This is my life, fall 2002.