Blind My Eyes
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2002-09-14 23:24:43 (UTC)


I am So freaking sick of people. Michael done pissed me off
last night. He got all bitchy about Anything i told him. he
was like, the worst my problem could be is that i like
someone else. lol no. far from that. he's freakin stupid
him and vince are mad at seth because seth has a date
tonight. I am Very happy for seth. he deserves to be happy
and if his "best friends" can't b happy for him, then they
can freakn blow me. i'm so fuckin sick of this shit.
jake hasn't spoken to me... whatever. he made me trust him
and then ripped my heartinto about 50,000 pieces. but shit
happens i guess.
i'm not even gonna try anymore. i'm so sick of people.
specially guys. i don't want anything 2 do with
relationships right now.
travis is once freakin again tryin to tell me he thinks he
loves me and shit... god, this has been going on since 8th
grade... i'm a junior. i am NEVER going to like him like
that, let alone love him. now he won't get the fuck outta
my business.
i apologize for the swearing. i'm just so sick of
everything. and i'm psychically sick 2. i gotta babysit
tonight. tell me that ain't bullshit.
Travis needs to get OUT OF MY FREAKIN BUSINESS. he's im'n
me and keeps asking what's been wrong. i mean, it'd be fine
if he just asked and then layed off, but he keeps sayin i
kno something's wrong u need to tell me. why should i tell
arg. i'm out. gonna go lay down till jess gets here.