mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-09-14 23:19:50 (UTC)

latest update........

well, i have not written here since july 2, so what is new ?
lets see:
1 - Went on the most enjoyable vacation in my life.
went to rye / hampton beach in new hampshire , as well as
my 1st trip to misquamicut in rhode island. I am now a
certified beach bum. I could live on beach 24/7.
prior to this , my only beach experiance had been with
beaches on long island those are a joke
compared to a genuine ocean beach...

2- had my kids up for an entire month, which was also very
enjoyable. Kids bonded very well with lisa and her kids. I
think Jon has a crush on Nicole, they got very close , but
I doubt anything more will become of it.
Jessica bonded real well with Lisa, and that made me feel
real good.
I think kids were a lil sad to go back, i know i sure was,
i woulda loved for them to be able to stay w/us, but it
isnt in the cards at moment.

3 - still lookin for job closer to home, and my belief is
that when the time is right , the job will show its self to
me. Everything happens with a purpose, so I will change
jobs when it is right.

4 - Lisa and i are startin to make lil plans toward
wedding, it will most likely be in november, right after
thanksgiving, when we are pretty certain that the kids will
all be together.

I guess that covers most of the important stuff that has
been happening, and for any members of the MFD that may be
readin this , I can only say this, GFYS ! - I write that
because I am pretty certain that this is bein monitored by
my employer who can KMA ! - I have 1st ammendment right to
write in here whatever i want.
If you want to leave feedback, please do....