2001-07-23 20:48:28 (UTC)


good mood now!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna brush my teeth real good
and where my bands so I can get them off asap! I was
supposed to where them for 3 & 1/2 yrs, but it's only been
1...thank God. YAYAYAY!!!!!!! oh AND Timmy's back from
Cali :) YAYNESS I'm just lovin this! But, I still have a
problem. My stupid stepsis was here this week and we went
to Pasta House. I had this 7 layer chocalate cake, she got
a bowl of cherries. She was eating MY cake but she wouldn't
let me even look at her cherries. I took one and another
came out and fell on the floor cuz she kept pulling on my
arm being a bitch. I took MY cake away from her and she got
pissed off. My mom yelled at ME for not letting her eat my
cake even though she wouldn't let me have a cherry. I was
so fuckin pissed! When I get mad enough, I get to the point
where I cry. It's not always easy to get me like that, but
she did it. The last time I was like that was when my
stepbrother was trying to feel me up...ew...that's a creepy
thought...anyway, back to my stepsis. We were all gonna go
bowling, but I didn't think I could handle bowling with her
so I stayed home. And guess what I did! Being the o-so-
incredibly-"smart" person I am, I clawed myself with my
fingernails, which are really long and sharp(and real) btw,
I drew blood and it hurt like hell! That actually hurt more
than when I made that little cut with the dull pocket knife
I had, which I can't find right now and I panicked the
second I noticed it was gone, but it's okay now, I found a
use for my fingernails. I g2g now, bye.

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