the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-23 20:37:26 (UTC)

Parents .. Teens .. Jason and this jacked up world!


LONELY !!!!!!

Humm well last night at like 1245 Jason called me back ..
and the more and more i talk to him he seems like that guy
from the real world that me and Manda are obbsessed with ..
* We love u Mike * U see Jason is a prep and he has all
this stuff and i know my parents would love him but oh
well .. I am sure he is gonna show up and take one look at
me and be all * umm sweeti no .. ur not cute * I am afraid
if rejection from everyone and everything .. it suxs ..
humm so ne ways should I go fishing with him .. or w/e .. I
mean he wants to do something ... like he was talkn about
taking the day off thursday to come to corpus and he was
all I wanna do something with u soon .. Okay he is 19 and a
prep .. so I am thinking I am safe around him .. I mean he
is not gonna do anything to me .. so I am not like messed
up about it .. and can u believe Darcy said this to me .
she was all * U should not meet them alone * and this is
the exact same thing she said to me when I met Trey .. and
she took him away from me here is what I have to say to
that * I am NOT taking u with me * NO!!!!!!!!!!!! so don't
ask ! I knew it was a bad move to tell her about Jason ..
why does she have to make everything that I want hers !
I can not have anything to myself ! God ! well ne ways so I
am so sure that this guy is gonna be all * I withdraw my
previous statement of u being cute !* I dunno I just gotta
sit it out ! Humm so ne ways .. I don't wanna talk about
it !
Okay I have been watching this talk show all summer right
and I can not believe some othe stuf that comes on this
show .. today it is like * my teenage daughter needs to go
to boot camp* Okay listen up .. I have een one of those
gurls .. I have changed .. I moved got away from all that
crap and now its all good .. but can u believe this .. I
mean the parents come on that show acting all inoccent ..
whatev .. okay I know I am gonna catch alot of crap over
this but oh well .. some parents don't see that they cause
their kids to rebel and act out .. I started all that b/c
I wanted to learn and experiance things on my own .. so I
did I snuck out slept with an older guy .. paid a high
price for it too ! Probabtion till I am 18 I am 16 and I
have been able to move my probabtion to my parents where I
don't have to report to anyone but my parents can control
what I do .. If they don't like something about me they can
send me to JDC for good! I am so telling ya'll that is not
cool .My parents however were the ones who brought me to
the court house and had me locked up for like 2 months ..
okay what Kinda parent would do that ! and they still act
all inoccent ! I am greatful they did though I would be in
some hella crap right now if they did not ! I can see bboth
sides and I am dissgusted by both ! But you know what those
parents hit thier kids ... but you know what when they know
that people are watching they won't hit them .. man my mom
hits me all the time but yet when we are in public she
won't .. she is scared b/c she knows that if anyone sees
her they can report her to SCAN! Here is what I have to
say .. If you are gonna hit me in private hit my in
public .. b/c u deserve what u get !
I am sorry if this has offened anyone but this is m journal
and get over it !
lates ~*~ McCall~*~