I Beware In Lab
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2002-09-14 22:30:35 (UTC)

It's so hard ...

I have to work with her, and I can't tell her how I feel.
(Actually, I don't have to work with her. I make he
schedule. But I make the schedule so that I CAN work with

I have never been so bewitched by a woman. My wife never
made me feel this way ... well, maybe when we were
teenagers, but it's been such a long time since I've felt
this way.

My stomach twinges when I am close to her, I feel
butterflies inside me fluttering about madly. But I an't
let her know. I'm 33, a "mature" adult; she's 19, barely a
woman. But oh, how I want to kiss her. I don't know if I
would even want to consummate the relationship. I just want
to make out with her, while away the hours kissing her,
holding her hand.

God, I have to stop this, but I am so SOO in love with her.
I just know she feels the same way, the way we flirt all
day, but neither of us is brave enough to do anything. So I
spend my days longing...

...wishing things had been different.

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