The land of unknown
2001-07-23 19:43:41 (UTC)

Severed Stem

well, we did a lot more work with boxes, and also
rearanged my room some. the computer got moved to
the other side of my room, but i have a cable connection
so, when we moved it, the cable didn't reach the outlet.
so i lost internet connection for a couple of days. but my
brother finally got tired of waiting for my dad to get a
new cable. David (my brother) went ahead and took the
cable from the tv (that didn't work anyway) and
connected it, so now i have returned!! oh yea, hi Chloe!
^__^ i know u'll read this. just wanted to say hi. well,
that's all for now. so remember kids, hide the dead
bodies when the police come to investigate. ok? wait!
holy shit, that could have actually been a way to end this
entry, i need to watch it.