Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-09-14 21:54:30 (UTC)


Well this one isnt going to be very long... I am just
sitting here at my mans house. I wonder where he is.. the
weirdo! (lol) well I just thought I would write and tell
you all that I am fine... I mean there really isnt anything
to talk about since not a lot of stuff is happening. My man
is buggin me right now, and he needs to be slapped.. hehe!
I am just kidding. Today we just layzed around the house. I
stayed over here last night and it was pretty kewl but
nothing really happened because Corrs step dad got here..
but I really didnt want anything to happen.. just sleep in
his arms. But that didnt happen. Its ok though... well I
think I am going to go for now I will talk to you guys