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This is Reality?
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2002-09-14 21:43:27 (UTC)

best cell phone plan?

So Dad wants me to get a cell phone.. he's even willing to
pay for it in the beginning! (I don't have a job.. but I
will soon) It's gotta be under $40 per month, and free long
distance. No more than $50 start-up, I think is what he

Mission to be completed by Monday. Today is Saturday. This
will be fun.

The other thorn up my ass is the car issue.

Supposedly there's a problem wiht the head gaskets, but
I've still got plenty of power and there's no water in the

The car doesn't overheat anymore (I can't get it to,
anyway.. I may take it down to the Oceanfront and *really*
see if I can make it overheat. Actually, that would be a
good something to do tonight.