Lovin' and losin' forever more
2001-07-23 19:05:13 (UTC)

Child Abuse, The Pain, And Suffering

yea yea I was abused. By my next door neigbor. Called the
Child protective serves. They didnt do anything. He still
over there looking at me wanting me, making me feel like
sh!t. Im afraid of him. What he will do, or what he will
make me do. He is a perve for life. His wife left him but
now he has a girlfriend that is 28 years old and he is in
his late 50's or early 60's. i was only 12 when it
happened. I still have nightmares about the nights. If I
wouldnt have defended myself I could have been inpreganated
with his baby. Here's my story...

He would call over here telling me to come over. Touching
my breast, my but, my front, telling me it was okay, and
not to tell anyone, I belived him !! Like a fool I didnt
tell. He would make me sit on his lap and make it look like
i wanted to sit on him !!! One day when I was staying the
night with his niece i was going to wash my hands and he
was in there, using the bathroom. He told me to come in
there .. i did, And there he was stroking himself in front
of me. I felt sick, I fell sick thinging about it. I slamed
the door and went to the computer room, I didnt eat or
sleep that night, and once again he told me not to tell
anyone. I cryed every night thinking if I told he would
come after me. The last night that this went on i was
leaving to go to my house and he hit my butt. I jumped of
my bike got in his face and told him to stop it. He was
playing dumb saying he didnt mean to him my butt, i told
him then dont touch me you ass. Told him I was through of
your lill games and that everyone will know what you did.
That you tried to malest* me !!! His wife came up and he
told me to leave before she heard, I told him that she
would know too. I told her but she didnt belive me. Told me
I was a liar. She finaly listend and left his ass. This
went on for 4 months, I didnt realise at first but I caught
on. He still lives next door, never got in troble. But hey
guess thats life.
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