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2002-09-14 20:08:43 (UTC)

Saturday the 14

So today started off with a splitting headache that made
me feel like i had been run over by a SUV. We go to Lunch
and who do we see RICK AND D-BO.. haha HOW FUCKED UP IS
THAT? but i hid. Then i came home and talked with someone
that was on my other sn. No idea as to who it is, but ye
know it was cool. He got me warned like 50 tiems and
warned me like 30 times.. THANKS. ok well we are taking a
nap, then going to diner.

Flemming is picking us up at 7:15, and we are going to the
sacforel show in Rockville? i think thats where its at.
After that we are going to Caitlins Bday party. Susan and
Woods and Deprey are coming up so all is good. I'll write
more later. Don't worry.

OK so we went to the show. It wasnt that great. I think Josh is a
really good singer, hes very talented. Their drummer is quite kick
ass as well... I was lucky enough to see some people from suffield
tonight.. BILL TKACZ, CHRIS DEPREY, and Meg Betts. Well after that
ordeal we dropped Malyssa off and went up to John's Apartment. We
went to Caitlins birthday party, it was on the second floor of the
apartment building. We drank a lot of Red Dogs.... ha the party was
cool until some guys started a big fight and that didnt go over
well... We think Sara is to blame due to her comment "Move your
mother fucking arms before i break them off". Then she got pinned up
aganist the wall by some guy.

Susan Ansman, Cailtlin Woods, and Jay Haas showed up later on, which
was cool. Nice to see some familar faces... Whats up!

Later on in John's apartment, I got watch Chris Deprey skateboard in
just his boxers and his sneakers. I also got to hang out with Jay
Haas, hes a cool kid. We orderd DP dough, and I ate the whole
calzone and came home and puked it back up. Ha, yep i am almost
positive i puked. Best part is i had to stick my finger down my
throat to do it. I got home at like 330 and fell asleep until like
11 sunday. The whole night when i was laying in bed the whole room
was spinning, i slept in saras bed, cause mine was to far away....
Ha. oh well. just another day

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