Lovin' and losin' forever more
2001-07-23 18:53:38 (UTC)

life for the baby

My life is a sucky one, never fun. My stepdad spying,
wanting to know everything, hating my every move, every
breath i take, I want my mom to get a d-vorce but she
wont !!! I hate living with him, I have wanted to end my
life and get it over with, but I decided not to. What good
would it do to cut my wrist, shot myself in the head, take
too many sleeping pills, suffercate myself, NOthing would
make it better. One day I will get back at him... just
wait. Mom thinks his is too hard on me, which he is. I
hurts so bad, cant sleep at night afraid of what shall
happen. Must leave for now
Love alwayz