No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-09-14 19:45:21 (UTC)

lots of feedback

well, I got a LOT of feedback to my last entry. I didn't
realize that many people read my diary, but I like to hear
from everyone. Most the feedback has to do with Avril. I
like her lyrics, they relate to things that happen in my
life, but I hate pop. (sorry for those who like her)
Jess and I got caught in the rain yesterday. She stayed the
night and we were walking around the block and stuff :D and
we got caught in the rain. We had fun... but my mom was
worried becasue of the lighting. I was having a good time.
We rung our clothes out into a bucket in the
was REALLY raining hard. lol.
I really have nothing else to say. lol. Yeah and stuff.

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