Lovin' and losin' forever more
2001-07-23 18:48:13 (UTC)

words of ......

one, single, girl, boy, dog, cat, bird....stepdad, yells,
stress, hurts me, hurts mom, hurts brother, hurts people,
hates work, an old man, dont like, wishes dont come true,
with someone, Brandon, autium, pain in bottem, not fun, a
brat, spoiled rotten, doesnt care about nothin, cares about
him,only him, not cool, 5 years old, a dog, Mom, stressed
out, wants comfort, needs love, wants dad to be nicer,
needs hair styles, new man, everything, Taylor, prick for
life, no use, not tall, shorty, mean, only friends, not
lovers, never more, Holley, fat, not skinny, friends for
life, lies to much, never satisfied, not cool, Julie, tall,
skinny, to good for life, never sins, nun, Dana, feels the
same, as me, wants, needs, everything, help is wanted, help
is needed, in words alone, Me, is hurt, needs love, wants
love, needs to be cared for, not ignored, wants to be
loved, touched, needed, etc....... brused everywere, cuts
someplaces, pain everywhere, help.....
the inocentence
Loving one is needing one