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2002-09-14 18:07:04 (UTC)

5 Dollar Fridays......

So, the day started off pretty boring. I had statistics,
and statistics discussion, during the discussion part, Max
and I were laughing at the teachers accent. And of corse,
at the end of class he was like "why are you so happy-go-
lucky?" haha i love it!

We went upstairs, and hung out with some cool guys. Toni,
Brett uhh i cant remember the others names.. Amber
introduced us to them.. brett is the hottest guy on the
fucking campus. I swear! He said that we could chill with him but i
was to anxious to stick around.

So later on i choked on a shot and almost died, we were so
bored waiting for the night to come that i wanted to just
go to sleep and never wake up till the next day. But...
finally it was time to go! ha. So we took the bus down to
F lot. which is like a 20 minute walk haha, and then
walked from there to carraige house. On the way, I almost
got hit by a maxima.. lol those bastards! not to mention a
cop drove by and i stumbled,, best part i wasnt even drunk
or buzzed just clumsy! So anyways finally we arrive at
Carraige House. We are welcomed by 5 Kegs, 2 ice luges,
jello shots, beer pong, and a huge funnel from the
upstairs down to the bottom. So we were there kinda early,
so we got our cups and drank a few beers. Then I tried the
luge! Basically for those of you who arent familiar with
this drinking technique, its a huge chunk of ice with like
a trail cut out of it. You put your mouth on the bottom,
they pour the booze down from the top and it goes through
the trail down to your mouth and you drink it up! haha. So
i did that once, then drank like 5 more beers. Then came
outside and did the Luge like 5 more times. Everything
costs money,, but for some reason all we paid for was the
$5 kegger cup!.. So we are chillin and we see a freaking
cop walk through with a flashlight and a cig... haha so we

I had to go pee, so i walked up to another apartment and
was like,, "let me pee here" haha and they let me!

We were walking around carraige house, talking and meeting
people. I met up with Jessica this girl from orientation.
She is from Hawaii, and shes wicked awesome. We walked
from carriage hosue back to north eagle view so that we
could find the white house, cause we heard there was 10
kegs there.. on the way we saw brett who i spoke of before.. AHHH
hes so hott!! haha anyways. we didnt find it, so we turned
around. mind you we have collected like a crowd of 10
ppl. But then we left them, and started to head back to
towers. I sat down to smoke a cig, and this car drives by
and stops at the sign. I jump up, ask for a ride, and me and
sara and this other kid get in. He tells us hes going to
some party at the apartments. These boys were GHETTO! One
looked like Dr. Dre the other just looked dangerous. opps!
There names where Rick and D-bo.. haha no joke. So finally
we got to this place which was like 20 minutes from
campus,mind you we have no idea where we are and no ride
home!well once we get out there are people on all these
balconys, and i scream out "I GOTTO GO PEE". And these
guys above say COME UPSTAIRS RM 131. So we go up there,
and of corse i peed! After that we notice this girl named
Caitlin that hangs out at Frank and Johns apartment. It
was very random. But it was her birthday so i was nice.

Anyways, this apartment had a keg of its own! and a very
plentiful stash of weed. There was a dude with dreds haha!
After a few more beers, we smoked G-13 and Hash.. Haha. I
didnt really know what i was doing. Oh well! just let me
tell you i was seeing like triple. So then we went
downstairs and played beer pong for a while. After a while
we went upstairs, sara found a ride home and left, but i
wanted to stay longer and so i did. Later on, Dave, the
kid who owns the apartment brought me all the way back to
Towers where i proceeded to CRASH! Wow. If you can crack
the code of that night, i give you props man! but ugh as
for now.. I have a headache and a date wtih the shower..
buh bye!