hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-14 15:16:54 (UTC)


hi... i cant help but wonder what is wrong with me... i
feel so insecure about everything that i do wether i'm
around anyone at the time or not.... i'm so confused about
steven .... i like him so much but i know i cant go to
skool and cry about it like i did last year, i can be
stronger than that... i hope. me and him are suposed to go
to the homecoming dance but... hes doing that whole
distance thingy that he always ends up doing no matter what.
and now he's not even talking to me so i want to know if he
actually WANTS to go to the dance with me. i dont want him
to feel obligated to go with me because he knows how much i
like him or whatever... people are still telling me that
thing about steven liking amber robinson... but i dont care
about what they say... i dont think i do at least. it kinda
gets me jealous wen i first hear it but after i while, like
now i'm just like.. shut up, i'm goin with him 2 homecoming
not her so why shuld i care????? oh yeah and yesterday at
lunch KIM, or KEM... dunno his name, some guy in my math
class... after lunch jen park asks me if i'm goin to
homecoming and i'm all, yeah, are you? and then she sez yea
and who shez going with and all that but then she askes me
who i'm goin with. i'm just like..... steven?? (unsure) and
then that guy turns around and goes, whats ur name? i'm
just like... kat briggs... y. and he's like, steven told me
about you and then turns around and starts talkin to
someone else... i'm just sittin there like... wtf??????????
and now i'm here tryin to have a conversation about
everything with steevn... the guy that three days ago was
the sweetest guy on earth, and he's always got his damn
away msg up... for christs sakes steven.. i need to talk to
you, please? i know your reading this because you told me
you read this every day... so please IM me about all of

...gosh i'm so pathetic...