2001-07-23 16:55:46 (UTC)

I m ill and I *really* hate..

I'm ill and I *really* hate that.
Sure, I like all the attention and the fact I get to watch
crappy day-time tv all day, but the constant banging on by
my mother: 'drink, sleep, eat, drink, sit still ' and
Richard & Judy along with the Simpson re-runs is enough to
make any lazy bum wanna jig around the house for awhile.
You with me here? And cos I've got a loft bed it's like a
cliff top hike to get up there now, so i've been dumped on
the sofa downstairs. Sounds ok...if it were in any other
household! Our front room is like Oxford Circus. I try to
actually get some kip and my brother barges in with a group
of dopes spilling cans of lager everywhere! And then
someone starts playing Opera full volume and next door
start hoovering and my mother turns the tv on and chats on
the phone. Then the rest family turn up and want what
little room I have left on the sofa....Enough already!
Jeez, talk about no rest for the wicked.
But I won't moan.
On the education front, I go back to College in a grand
total of 6 weeks!! Well, that's when I'm meant to go back.
I can rest here or take up precious space in the common
room. The latter option seems attractive. Anythings better
then Grand Central Station!
So life is ok (apart from the 'near-death-bed' sick bit)
right now. Give it time though.....
Oh, and there's ideas flying around about forming a
grunge/rock/indie/pop group. That would be cool - I've had
my eye on a purple bass guitar for ages!