2001-07-23 16:42:55 (UTC)


Hey this is my first entry so I guess I'll just start by
telling shit about me. My name is Arielle,I'm 15, I have
brown/blond short hair, hazel eyes, I'm 5'8" or 9" (I have
no idea)I live in Ohio(which explains a lot!!!)my best
friends are Roqi, Lindy, Sara, and Alex (my cousin.
usually when I'm bored I watch T.V., get online, call
people to find something to do, rollerblade, eat, I'll try
new things,umm I don't know...

Ok, Amy I don't know if it's true about what you wrote
about Lindy, but what you said about her isn't true and you
knwo that for a fact!! where do you get off telling
everyone what you thought lindy has done??? I thought that
you and Lindy were friends but I guess not after what you
wrote that's a bunch of bullshit, I'f what you wrote wasn't
true please tell me or lindy or someone, It's not my place
to write this and tell you this but if you wrote anything
like that about me, I would be very offended... well if you
read this just tell me the truth.