Dizzy In My Dreams
2001-07-23 16:19:58 (UTC)


It was my 15th birthday yesterday...I am FINALLY 15...and I
started drivers training today...it was quite boring if you
would ask me...because it was just orientation. It will be
more fun later. Now, in my head, I am fighting to figure
out how to start a relationship wtih a guy from my
cottage. I am too much of a scaredy cat to ask him out.
Do you think that I should just wait for him to ask me
out? I am so confused! He seems to like me and lot, and I
like him a lot too. I am dizzied over him. Anything I
think of reminds me of him. Please help me. I just want
to have him to hold hands, cuddle and talk boyfriend to
girlfriend. He has been my good friend for most of my
life. We can tell eachother EVERYTHING. He has actually
pulled a few sweet moves on me. For example, putting his
arm around me and rubbing/scratching my back. He is also a
very good sweet talker. HE loves to tease me. This
teasing makes me just want him more & more. I think if I
ask him out, I should do it f2f *face 2 face* because not
doing it personally is ridiculous. I just need some help
sorting my thoughts and ideas. Have a good day.


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