2001-07-23 16:19:39 (UTC)

Come....come away....come away from it....

Do you wana get off? Is this your stop? You gotta have
the triple decker super fudge sundae with the god-damn
cherry on top.-Ani

ANIS COMING hehehehhee=) Friday. October 12. 8:00.
HOB. hehe tickets go on sale Aug 3. hehe. im really

i miss katie. i ve been thinking about that a lot lately.
like and i found out why she stopped talking to me, its cus
of matt when we started talking again and stuf and thats
soo stupid!!!! shes not living with allison anymore either
so i dont even know how to get ahold of her. =( i really
liked her so much.. whatever..

i chilled with chaz and tammy and robin and people a couple
times this week. that was cool. i like them. yeah.
schools guna start.... and its guna suck.
bllllllaaaahhhhh................. okay. and i think im
like moving out in less than a year. and thats kinda
creepy. i think. cus mom was talking about like, moving
to celebration when our lease or whatever is up here, even
though we might not even stay here that long, and
something about me doing my own thing so i was like
whatever. thats weird. cus thats like huge major change
time...... i dont know.

i was really disappointed that my aunt was such a bitch
when she was here because all this time ive thought we were
close and shit and when we talk and last time i saw her and
then she comes down and acts like a fucking cunt, all
thinking im ON DRUGS and fucking saying all this mean shit
about me how i look and shit and my mom too like who the
fuck does she think she is and she made mom feel bad and
whatever just cus shes a fuckin ho doesnt really mean shes
attractive and should be putting down everyone else.
whatever. i was disappointed, i expected it to be fun and
be glad to see her but shes a bitch.

matt and i are talking again for right now but i dont know
why. hes stupid. he lies too. i know we wont be friends
when school comes back. so why bother. and he was talking
about some bullshit. being together when we're 20 or
something. and im like WHATEVER. hes such a retard. i
dont know what the fuck goes on in his head. but anyway.
yeah.... thats all for now i think....