April Wynn

April Wynn
2002-09-14 07:45:44 (UTC)

Septembers Friday the thirteenth

well tonight i actually got to socialize with people other
than my own family. Intellectually conservative individuals
of Quesnel.Yeeha. Atleast i got to try what is
called "Fireball" whisky, a great sort combined with pepsy.
Oh so good and spicy. I think micheal would enjoy it :P
Diana has good character, I am glad to have met her. We
were gonna take the truck tonight but i had decided against
it. Good decision. Anyways, I'm hoping Micheal gets his ass
online so i ca talk to him. :P no poem, i aint got my
collection here, see, I'm sitting the house for the
Turners, and well could you believe it!? I forgot my note
book. Boohoo.