My Life!!!
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2002-09-14 07:00:55 (UTC)

what's going ON???

well hey i haven't wrote an entry for a while but SEPTEMBER
11, 2001..... such a sad and tragic day for people! how
are people killing people??? well i don't know but it's
WRONG! we are all the same! it doesn't matter if your own
god is telling you to die for him...... but why are you
going to waste your life over some GOD that might not even
exist?? huh??? tell me what's wrong with that? well all i
can say is WHAT'S GOING ON????? to much hate, to much
anger!!! we should all be in PEACE! not hating on people
or killing people you know what i'm talking about! okay,
say you kill every body on earth...what is their left
huhh???........NOTHING!!! so what's the point... just
think about it! if this is any talYban reading
this!.......lolz! oh well iight then i just wanted to
express my feeling about the hatred on earth!


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