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2002-09-14 06:55:02 (UTC)

Friday the 13th

I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised that the day
went the way it did. School's sorta been like this all week
(my first week back) and I dunno. Life always gets a little
strange and then there's some days where it just seems like
every negative thing that could happen DOES happen.
Class was good. The blonde I liked from my class turned out
to be a guy I once grabbed by the throat and told to "Go
the fuck home" as he was fist fighting my younger brother
on my front lawn. (look back to an entry in mid-november...
i wrote about it actually) :P so yah. That was rather
disappointing. The rest of my classes were ok. I sat in the
cafeteria waiting for Quinn to get off class and didn't
realize for quite some time that the 'woman' I thought I
could see on the other side of the caf was actually Dan.
Yikes. He really needs a haircut. Or at least a comb. For
fuck's sake... just COMB YOUR DAMN HAIR!!!!
I'm so embarassed for ppl to find out that he's my ex
boyfriend. I constantly have to explain "he didn't look
like THAT when I went out with him"... but I probably
wouldn't have been too bothered by it if he did cuz at the
time I was under the impression that he was a nice
person... yeah. that seems like so long ago.
On lunch Quinn & I went out front to watch the annual Rock
climb (we have this big huge ornamental rock out front that
teams of three try to climb every year to see who can do it
the fastest.. it's usually pretty funny to watch) and Dan
was out there and Quinn noticed that he was looking at us
lots and so we tried to keep our distance. Then Quinn had
to go catch her bus to work so I was left alone and went
and got in line for a free hamburger courtesy of the
student's association... at which point the captain of the
volleyball team who I now pretend I've never met (which is
really hard to do since he stares at me every time he sees
me which is really more disturbing than Dan oddly enough)
decides to cut me in line. I say nothing because first of
all you have to understand he's a post-secondary level
athlete and is probably not used to waiting for a damn
thing (they even get free underground heated parking for
crying out loud) so yah. and i didn't wanna have to speak
to him. So I said nothing. Then I went back inside to eat
my burger and could see Dan and Dave come into the caf,
then dave gestures towards me and they start walking over
like they're gonna come sit with me. I was about ready to
kick dave's ass for that one. Dan and I stopped speaking
(well i stopped speaking to dan and had him pretty scared
of coming near me) in May when we broke up and he informed
me that he had been lying to me the entire time about the
drugs thing among various other things. (possibly including
another girlfriend even.) but i guess they saw the look on
my face and went somewhere else. Later I was going to the
bathroom when I had the misfortune of having to pass Dan in
the hallway (i had thought mistakenly that he went to
class)... and he decides that he's gonna say hi and ask how
i'm doing and stuff and i'm so shocked (i had just turned a
corner and he was right there) that i just answered him
more or less politely and kept going. so yah. all afternoon
i wondered what that meant. Like, is he now thinking that
we're buddies again??
so then tonight we went out to the safari club and of
course he shows up there. and he's pissed drunk. and he
apparently does think that we are buddies. yay.
so he's talking to me, asking me about kevin (whom i
haven't see in over a week) and asdking me if we're going
out and i said no and he's like why not and i was like,
uh... i dunooo...
his opening line to me was "hey! i saw you today"
"yah. i was there actually"
he didn't seem to catch the sarcasm there.. he was a bit
too drunk.
we left where we had been standing and went to go dance and
some of his friends came to dance with us... so this girl
shows up and is dancing with them. and i could tell by the
way she was looking at ME that she must be the new
girlfriend. and she was. I wasn't pleased about the two of
them coming up to dance together in front of me. I think he
realized that and afterwards he danced somewhere else
His friend Dave was dancing with us and stuff, and he won a
purse which he had no use for, being a guy and all, so he
gave it to me. Then the fucking pricks Leanne and I used to
call our boyfriends, along with the new gf (who was
driving) and this other guy and this bitch who's a total
slut and hit on dan in front of me every single chance she
had (a chance being defined as any time when she was within
ass slapping distance) they actually took off and left dave
behind at the bar. I mean, it's not like he could just walk
home. Dave lives in Dan's frikkin house so it's not like it
was out of the way, i'm sure the gf would be spending some
*quality* time there tonight anyway. And he doesn't live in
the city. He actually lives about half an hour north of
the city. So my friend Leanne ended up driving him home.
They're such fucking pricks. and we were trying to tell
dave that he shouldn't put up with them anymore (cuz this
is not an unusual thing for them to treat him like shit).
So yah. I wasn't too concerned about the fact that dan and
I somehow ended up on speaking terms again despite my
unwillingness... but now i am. That shithead can't go on
acting like there's no one in the world that matters but
him. He's such a prick. I might have to tell him. :)
grrrr. i don't know why i didn't see that a long time ago.
yah. and it looks like the gf's a great catch if she'll
just ditch dave somewhere. Nice girl.
I would never ever do that to someone.
but i probably wouldn't date a guy with a girlfriend
or date a guy that i knew was using various types of
illegal substances on a daily basis.
i feel so stupid for dating him.
but i guess i sorta end up taking what i can get. :(
the one good thing that came out of tonight is that my
desire to have a boyfriend has completely gone away. I
don't like people. Especially people who happen to be guys.
I'm much better off on my own then involving myself with
people like that. I was miserable a lot of the time when i
was with him and a long time afterwards. And still am
sometimes whenever something like tonight comes along and i
realize just what a fucker he's become.
i sure hope they're not all this way.