The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-09-14 05:32:38 (UTC)

every problem has a computer science solution

So I got back from seeing "Amelie" here on campus about an
hour ago. Very good movie, see it if you get the chance.

My calculus workshop was today, and we split into groups and
worked our way through the homework. So now it's done, save
for a bit of recopying for neatness. I have a fair amount
of German homework to do between now and Wednesday, but that
shouldn't be overly difficult.

I had to drop my Sunday shift at work due to my CS workshop
being scheduled for the exact same time slot. So I went and
spoke with one of my superiors, and learned once again that
she's an anal retentive bitch who should NOT be permitted to
work with technology people. She gave me a whole bunch of
shit about making up the time, either later that night or in
the morning during the week.

Unfortunately, I couldn't very well say "fuck that noise" to
her face, so I just played along until she finally shut the
fuck up and left. After my shift that day, I went back and
spoke with the guy who wrote most of the scheduling program,
and he said it was cool and that I didn't need to make it up
or anything. So I've learned that in real life, just as in
computer science, when faced with a problem you can't solve
directly, you sometimes have to program around the bug.

And speaking of computer science, on Thursday I met not one,
but TWO really hot girls in the class. They both have the
same lab time as me, which is a tidy bonus. And they aren't
just gorgeous, but also very friendly, even to someone like
myself. So that day I was really glad I took that course.

I ran into one of them today en route to math workshop, and
we had a nice little walk-and-talk about our classes. Our
afternoon chat was unfortunately ended prematurely, as I had
to rush back to the dorm and attempt to submit my class work
for Digital Interpretations online (and I couldn't even log
in to the server). One thing was interesting, though; even
though she was already headed towards her class when I left,
and we'd gotten slightly separated (I was travelling with a
guy from my dorm), and we were on our respective ways, she
made a point of saying goodbye to me.

Now that may not seem odd, but I'm not really used to people
stopping me as I'm departing to bid me farewell. It doesn't
seem to happen much in this culture; most of the time people
just say "later" and that's it. I'm pretty sure my friend
is a foreigner (or she just developed a heavy accent), so it
could just be a cultural difference.

Or it could be indicative of some degree of fondness, though
it seems a bit soon for that. Of course, I did make a point
of being as friendly and helpful as I could during the Lab
From Hell on Thursday, though that basically entailed giving
lab printouts to her and her friend (other babe). I would
have helped where I could, but it was hard enough for me to
finish on time with all the typos in that lab. CS teachers:
always check your code when you type it in a word processor.

So anyway, this situation has a whole lot of potential, and
I'm determined not to screw up. At the very least I'll have
a new friend, and having girls as friends is one of the very
best, if not the best, thing that the average man can do for
his social life and dating success.

And maybe if I'm really, really fortunate, this friendship
may become a little something more.

It would be extremely peculiar if computer science managed
to solve both my intellectual frustration and the problems
in my social life. I always figured I'd have to bank on the
humanities for getting dates.

This is Dave, signing off to enjoy a newfound optimism.