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The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2002-09-14 05:04:09 (UTC)

And the Number is...

I know I said ninety last time, but the truth is, I managed
to remove some more poems from the list, and in the end
settled for 85. The cover is in negotiation as I attempt
to bring more money to the table.
Beyond that, I have a full set and have even mixed the
poems in order as I want them to be in. I may make small
changes but I'm happy with the result.
In October I'm releasing another poem that won't be in the
collection. It's called "21" and is a birthday poem. I'm
twenty one now and felt that perhaps I should write a poem
on that. Also soon to be released is the original version
of "What's Up"
There isn't much left to go. I'll be back next month
hopefully with a cover.
The Mad Scientist

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