Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-07-23 14:44:23 (UTC)

Day: 12

I like writing my entries at night, when the day is over,
no da. You have more to write about ^_^. I can speak some
Japanese...not a lot. I need to do my lessons again ^^;;; I
can say hello, how are you(in their language its are you in
good spirits), Stupid Woman, Ya know, and i'm a blue cat.
Konnichiwa! O-genki desu ka? Onna Baka, no da, Watashi Aoi
Neko. hehehe... Don't try to talk to me in a deep
conversation with it...I wont understand ^_^;;; I hate it
when people IM me and ask where I live. Its like, Duh...Its
right on the find a buddy thing. Some people are idiots.
You know that Ben. Geeez...I love scaring them off if I
dont wanna talk to them, One guy imed me and asked my a/s/l
and I said that i am really tired, can i nap in your nose?
and he said goodbye and left it was funny.

Ok...I am really bored. Its 10:30am in the morning and
nothing to do. My sister is watching Beverly Hills 90120.

You know that song, Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz? It scares
the hell out of me. Its the song itself and the way they
sing it, and then its the music video....its really
scary... I must have problems but its a fucking creepy

My neighbors kids left a damn pet carrier bottom on our
yard. I am going to kick their ass if its missing before
the garbage man comes. I am throwing it out. I have a
right. Its on my yard. If I see a kid near our garbage
can/yard I am going to raise hell. I yell at them to stop
throwing candy wrappers in our yard and now its a large pet
carrier bottom. Ok..I am leaving now. I will come back
later tonight to write more.

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