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2002-09-14 04:14:05 (UTC)

The confession

This was my conversation with Brent tonight. We finally
both came out with how we feel. ohh my goodness. He is so

CandiCat314 [11:37 PM]: so I've got a silly question.
ITremains2000 [11:37 PM]: yea, whats that
CandiCat314 [11:37 PM]: why are you talking to me instead
of partying?
ITremains2000 [11:38 PM]: because you're better
CandiCat314 [11:38 PM]: ha ha, really?
ITremains2000 [11:38 PM]: yea
CandiCat314 [11:38 PM]: shouldn't you be in on the "pong"
CandiCat314 [11:38 PM]: ?
ITremains2000 [11:38 PM]: i wanted to talk to you about
this, but i wanted to do it in person
ITremains2000 [11:38 PM]: i couldn't get the courage
CandiCat314 [11:38 PM]: it's all good
CandiCat314 [11:39 PM]: I"m such a dork
ITremains2000 [11:39 PM]: no, im the dork
CandiCat314 [11:39 PM]: no, really
CandiCat314 [11:39 PM]: I definately beat you on this one
CandiCat314 [11:39 PM]: lol
ITremains2000 [11:39 PM]: no it's me. im no good with
CandiCat314 [11:39 PM]: ha ha
CandiCat314 [11:39 PM]: and like I told you, I can't
approach guys that well
ITremains2000 [11:39 PM]: i can't approach girls!
CandiCat314 [11:40 PM]: it's all good
CandiCat314 [11:40 PM]: as long as we both realize the
other is feeling the same chicken shit "ness"
ITremains2000 [11:40 PM]: i was just hipnotized by you.
do you know how beautiful you are?
CandiCat314 [11:40 PM]: ohh whatever
ITremains2000 [11:41 PM]: :)
CandiCat314 [11:41 PM]: that's so an overstatement
ITremains2000 [11:41 PM]: no it's not
ITremains2000 [11:41 PM]: i shouldn't be doing this
online, while im so drunk, but i knew there was a
CandiCat314 [11:42 PM]: you're the one that blows me
away. You are amazing and could probably be just about
anything, yet can't decide upon anything
ITremains2000 [11:42 PM]: i'm waiting for a girl like you
CandiCat314 [11:42 PM]: well, you'll have to wait until
CandiCat314 [11:42 PM]: lol
ITremains2000 [11:42 PM]: damnit!
CandiCat314 [11:43 PM]: sorry, that whole being home
ITremains2000 [11:43 PM]: i'm going to kiss you the
second i see you
CandiCat314 [11:43 PM]: lol
CandiCat314 [11:43 PM]: you better, or else I'll get you
ITremains2000 [11:43 PM]: you have no idea how lucky i
feel right now

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