Germany and Beyond
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2001-07-23 13:45:40 (UTC)

Italy, and my last Day in HD

I just got back from Italy last night. Man, it was so
beautiful! The weather started off a little rocky, but
within a few short hours, the skies cleared, and it was
blue sky as far as the eye could see. Patty and I went to
go visit Bernadette in Verona. We met in Innsbruck and
then took the train over to Verona. Bernadette was
supposed to meet us in her car in Innsbruck and drive us to
Verona, but there was a huge storm in Vienna before she
left, and she did not want to drive.

Verona was so amazing. The first night we met Bernadette's
friends, Francesca and her boyfriend Max. We then got
dropped off at our hotel, which was a little shady but
large and relatively clean. And for $50 a night, it did
the job. We also had a balcony looking out at the city.
It was nice. And then we went to the opera at the
Colluseum in Verona. This place was astounding. It was an
old roman Colluseum that held over 10 thousand people, and
it just got done storming, and the clouds were a bright
pink and red. The audience lit candles and the
Opera, "Nabucco" by Verdi, started. I was amazed at the
talent of the singers. Without microphones they projected
over the 80 orchestra into the huge open air theater.
That is talent. The opera, naturally, was REALLY long, and
our butts started hurting sitting on cold stone for that
long, but it was worth it.

The next day we went to see the balcony that inspired
Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet. We also saw some castle and
the oldest church in Verona. That night we went to a
Bernadette's friend of a friend's graduation party. It was
a little lame, but it was located next to a beach that was

The next morning we went to eat, said goodbye to Bernadette
and were on our way for a 9 hour ride back to HD.

Well, I can not believe that it is almost over. This is my
last day in Heidelberg, and I am not sure what to do with
myself. I remember times when I could not wait to go home,
and now, bam!, the time has come for me to pack up my bags
and go home. Everything is going by so fast as well.
Already 5 people have left under my nose, and I never got a
chance to say goodbye to them. I am sure there will be
more people that I will not be able to say goodbye to as

There are so many memories that I do not want to forget,
but I am sure they are going to be forgotten as the days go
by whilst back in America, and that makes me sad. I took
lots of pictures, but pictures hardly do jutice to the many
things I have seen and experienced here. I do not want to
be weepy, but I will really miss this place. I am glad I
got the opportunity to study abroad. I learned, saw and
met some amazing people and things.

Well, I hate goodbyes, so I will say simple say Tschüs!

until later,