Jena's Rants
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2001-07-23 13:19:38 (UTC)

Hot Tea in My Lap, but the smog adds to the sting.

It was so disgusting driving into work today. The smog was
absolutely icky. It was so much worse than I ever remember
seeing it. Balti-bore is soooooo icky pooh! You know my
entries have been rather eratic lately as far as the
underlying mood is concerned. I really need to give props
to my Hoppy for being so understanding and caring. He is
unlike any person I have ever known and I am completely
undeserving of him. Anyhoo, stayed at King Herbages last
night. King Herbage was not there though, he stayed at Mr.
Rampant Philosophies' house. There is some kind of drama
being played out about concerning Spastic Boy, Mr. Serious,
and King Herbage concerning a burn hole in a car. I
dunno. Weird stuff. Just thought I would mention it.
Talked to Mr. Police Brutality yesterday. He is in a
Buddhist Monastary in Korea. He is detoxing pretty hard,
but this is the best thing for him. I know he will be
okay. He is a good guy. Maybe we should all go to Korea
and visit him. Maybe you should all come along too. Let
me know, tickets are on me. Everyone who comes must bring
me a Buddha though. If you really want to get on my good
side you could get me the Buddha lamp from New Han Dynasty
Chinese Food Restaurant in Perry Hall. It's right off of
Joppa Road near Seven Courts, you know where that Weis
Market is. Just get it, okay? Hoppy's ex gf works there,
maybe she will help you pull it off. Stranger things have

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